“Det gældende er et lille sted"


We are very pleased to announce our first solo exhibition with Kristofer Hultenberg ,presenting a selection of his newest works.

Hultenberg´s paintings and drawings establish links to an abstract / concrete tradition. But this is precisely where the possibilities of placing him in well defined categories of art history cease. With his works he seeks a free space full of contradictions between absolutes, where he maneuvers with a partiality for the most irrational impulses of the thought. The images are usually very clear in their expression, while the mediated, the content, is more volatile and characterized by unexpected features. This unbalanced relationship between form and content and the destabilization, that it entails, is a recurring focus of Hultenberg´s work. In this sense an unstable picture may seem dismissive to the viewer, who is looking for a meaning in the individual work. Thus, it becomes a possible imitation of what, to Hultenberg, appears incomprehensible and mysterious in the unarbitrary appearances of life itself. The works may also act as openings, as the unexpected events on the surface of the image mirror the infinite quantity of states, which are latent in any image. A reservoir of potentials, in Hultenberg´s personal terminology known as the grey pulp.


Exhibition: 24. April - 30. May 2015.