Selected Positions


Selected Positions, comprises a series works curated by KANT.


Coherent for the represented artists are their interests in minimal aesthetics yet their artistic practices are varied, highlighting different approaches to the topic of minimal art.   


Lars Morell (N), lives and works in Oslo his practice spans painting, sculpture, installation, photography and printmaking. In the current exhibition he presents paintings from the series "Shadow Canvas", 2013.


Jacob Noel (DK) - lives and works in Copenhagen, educated as a sculpturer his work encompasses, photography, drawing and installation. In the current exhibition he presents archival pigment prints from the series "Automatic Light", 2014.


Lars Worm (DK) - lives and works in Copenhagen his practice spans sculpture, painting and photography. In the current exhibition he presents bronze sculptures from the series "Untitled" (Ghost), 2014. 




Selected Positions