Irene Suosalo (b-1995) lives and works in Helsinki. Her practice presents us for unique experimental animations and installations based on an underlying interest for infraction and broken surfaces. 

The broader foundation for her practice builds on discoveries done in the 50´s and 60´s by video - art pioneers like Steina and Woody Vasulka and Lillian Schwartz who all produced work which were by-products of an endless interest in new technology. 

Hence, Suosalo is art historically well founded, and as with the avant-grade pioneers before her, she boldly pushes contemporary animation, using her own generations technological land winnings.

Suosalo is a highly regarded VJ ( Visuel Jockey ) within the clubbing scene in Helsinki. The VJ creates a symbiosis of image and sound, mixing video just as audio DJ ( Disc Jockey ) mixes music. Live performances may take place in art galleries, on concert stages or in night clubs. 

Suosalo combines a multitude of methods both old and new in the creation of her work. During the first stages of the compositions she often recycles simple materials. Using paper which she cuts, scans and animates digitally, she then employs older methods like video synthesisers to play with the video material and break the surfaces which are then combined with the animations.