Lise Blomberg (1971) lives and works in Copenhagen.

A characteristic feature of her work is a distinctive idiom coloured by a feminine feeling of dream, nature and body.  Although for inspiration she draws on her longings and ideals as well as on flowers and birds, there is much more at stake than ‘pink poetry’. The art works are full of ambiguity and contradictions.

The same is true of Blomberg’s picturesque universe in which landscapes in natural environments are a fundamental part. These landscapes, which balance between neatly drawn details and geometrical shapes close to abstraction, also include architecture, human beings, birds and crossbreeds. The crossbreeds consist of clearly painted faces of human beings, set on birds’ bodies. These form a kind of a collage where two meanings are juxtaposed, maybe in order to create a third meaning? 



Lise Blomberg is a graduate from The Jutland Academy of Fine Arts (1996) and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2002). She is  represented in numerous private and public collections including  The National Gallery of Denmark, Nykredit Collection and The Danish Art Foundation.